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Lelei Wellbeing is a unique service which focuses on an innovative approach to providing a relaxing and holistically rejuvenating experience. Lelei Wellbeing offers a variety of therapeutic treatments to help you bring vitality, balance & energy into your life. Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what Lelei Wellbeing has to offer you.

Feet in the Sea


The Bio-Pulse Ionic Foot Spa is a treatment that helps detoxify the body at a cellular level. The technology works by increasing the cell membrane voltage through ionisation & stimulating the body's own natural ability to detoxify itself.  Relax your feet in a warm foot bath with ionised water for 30mins while your body gets to recharge. This treatment may help you with stress reduction, higher energy levels , fatigue, stronger immune system, inflammation & pain relief.



Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that all the systems of the body are mapped out in reflex points on the feet, hands and ears. Stimulation of these points in the feet help to improve the body's natural ability to restore & balance itself.

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Atua means 'gods' or 'goddesses' in the Maori language. In Maori culture we believe that our Ti Puna (our ancestors) travel with us through our lives, and help us to connect to the energies of the Atua. This, in turn, helps us tune in to our innate healing gifts or what we call in Atua Healing 'our infinite wise self', which enables healing to take place regardless of our faith and beliefs. The goal of Atua is to remove unhealthy behaviours & patterns by creating a path for our energy to flow again, allowing us to reach our true potential in every area of our life.



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"My experience at Lelei tapped into my body's intuition and surfaced the need for me to take care of myself physically and mentally. Karen's ability to sooth and heal was such a natural sensation, I came away from the Atua Treatment feeling very calm and knowing.

I would recommend her treatments to anyone as remedies for inner peace, growth and healing!"

Jane Treseder

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"I came to Karen/ Lelei Wellbeing for help dealing with social anxiety and fatigue which I had been struggling with for over 5 years. Coming from a background of using medication and thinking of natural therapies only being able to offer a slight reprieve, I had become accustomed to these feelings and thought it was something I had to live with. Karen worked with me over 12 weeks and the difference is phenomenal. After this short time I am now waking up each morning feeling happier, lighter and above all with the biggest change being I no longer feel anxious or frightened from every day interactions. I embrace them like never before!

Thank you Lelei Wellbeing!"

Casey Adamson

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"If you are looking for more calm and relaxation in your life. I would highly recommend a treatment at Lelei Wellbeing. After leaving my treatment with Karen, I felt calm, present, grateful and rejuvenated. Karen has an incredibly friendly & warm approach, making her treatments a very soothing & healing experience. I would highly recommend Lelei Wellbeing if you are in need of some self-care and time out. Lelei’s treatment room is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Out in the bush with the sound of birds all around you is an amazing experience. Karen is the best thank you so much!" 

Kristina Cavit


"The planet does not need more "successful people." The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds."

Dalai Lama



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